Krzysztof Kaczor

Passionate Software Developer

WebStorm command line tools after upgrade

Since few versions Webstorm ships with useful command line tools. I have noticed that after one of the upgrades wstorm stopped working.

Use terminal like a boss

Even in 21st century terminal is still programmer’s best friend - we use it extensively every day. That is why it’s important to make it as useful and productive as it can be.

In this article I am gonna to present few ideas to make interaction with terminal easier. It is directed to OS X users but general ideas can be useful on linuxes as well.

Troubleshooting Edge.js installation

Today I played a little bit with Edge.js. I have written new feature to side project that I am working on, run tests locally, all were green - sweeeet. I pushed code to git and… continuous integration process failed. I use Travis for CI with few bash scripts for setting up project. I took a look into logs and I noticed weird error while performing npm install edge.

Injecting content with chrome extension

Even though Google Chrome has powerful mechanism for building browser extensions, APIs exposed to programmers are often verbose and a little bit cryptic. In this post I want to briefly describe ways of injecting arbitrary content into websites.

Get child elements using Windows Automation

During work on STAMP for Windows (it allows you to move your Spotify music library to Apple Music) I needed a reliable way of using other application UI in automated way. Basically I needed to find UI elements like buttons, grids and perform some actions on them.

Webworkify - use browserify and web workers together

Browserify is an awesome tool that lets you run your NodeJS app in browser. It captures whole dependency tree of your app and bundles everything into a single .js file which can be included directly by browser. It cares about providing custom implementation for NodeJS specific classes like buffers and you can even use additional transforms like brfs to inline file contents into bundles.